petrol price war

This petrol price war is between me, myself and I. Are you a slave to these “save four cents a litre” or sometimes “save eight cents a litre” fuel vouchers, to the point where you inadvertently miss getting it at the most reasonable price?

At different times of the week the prices at the pumps fluctuate, but have you noticed that the days have changed? I used to think that I must get my petrol by Thursday, when costs usually escalated in accordance with both payday and the imminent weekend. Now it’s gone all topsy-turvy and petrol went up yesterday, on a Tuesday. Where is the sense in that?

Okay, now to buy a litre of unleaded is about 147 cents, whereas if I had just filled up on Monday, without a voucher, it was about 132 cents. Now even if I use one, I am still paying 143 cents for each litre of “gold.” I remember way back in 1979 I could fill my little Datsun 120Y tank for a total of $8.00!

I can be free. I can ignore these vouchers and just fill up as required. When I do the sums it is only a matter of $2.00 that I have been quibbling over. Less than the price of a coffee.

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