bunnings bonanza

Will miracles never cease? I achieved two major things the other day:

1: I went to Bunnings with a list of three items: fluorescent globe for the bathroom, spakfilla for painting preparation, and finally, tomato stakes for the garden.

Though I saw many, many items I could have easily bought, with the justification of “I needed them” or “It’s a practical purchase so it doesn’t count,” I was really pleased with myself because I ONLY PURCHASED WHAT WAS ON THE LIST! Anybody knowing me would realise what a feat that was.

2: Then I used all three items ON THE SAME DAY I BOUGHT THEM! I have been known to buy equipment for future projects that sit for years in the shed, garage or studio, and sometimes never come to light. For example, I still intend to mosaic that bird bath from how many years ago?

Firstly, I used my trusty best-ever birthday present of my cordless screwdriver/drill, and played handi sandi, taking the light fitting apart and replacing the globe successfully. To check I had the correct globe, I had taken a piece of string the right length with me to Bunnings.

Secondly, I used the filler to patch the wall I am going to paint later this week. Preparation is the key for painting, and having a smooth hole-free surface helps.

Thirdly, I put the two black stakes in the pot under the bay window, having chosen pretty ones because they were so near the house, then put together the green plastic one and placed it around the tomato plant near the shed, satisfied with the achievements of the morning.