project 365: 366 days and 26 years in my garden – day 1/366

I have been inspired to join the challenge. I love both writing and gardening, so why not marry the two? We have lived in this house for almost 26 years, and the garden has evolved over time to be something I am very pleased with. Through the year I will be writing about different projects and accomplishments in the garden, with photos from the present and over the preceding 25 years.
Let the game begin!

Today I worked on the front corner of the garden, putting river pebbles around the pavers. I had laid down mulch, but eventually mulch dies down and allows weeds to take root, so I decided to outlay money on these stones, as they will be much longer lasting (never underestimate the use of understatement). Under the pebbles I put layers of newspaper to prevent weed growth. Scouting around the backyard I managed to find a couple of rocks and logs with which to edge the area, so that the stones remain in place and different textures and patterns are created.


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