2/366: my secret garden

Look at the two photographs and see if you can spot the fake.

The large fern sits in the corner of the patio and has led a charmed life. Although it is under the cover of the pergola, it gets enough light to flourish. Occasionally I will give it a large drink by putting the hose into its centre and watering it for half an hour. Over the summer months I might follow this procedure four or five times, and at other times of the year maybe once a month, but it seems to have worked. Hopefully I’m not jinxing it by stating that.

I have often used some artificial help in the garden. In this case, the tree ferns you can see have had some cosmetic surgery. Originally, they were planted down the “dead” side of the house, or the utility area where the washing line is located. It is a fairly sheltered area because of overhanging native trees next door, which monopolise any rainfall. Consequently, the ferns died, and I was left with the trunks. Fern trunks are pretty by themselves, but some greenery finishes them off. A lot less expensive than replacing the ferns, I purchased artificial fronds and embedded them into the ferns. From a distance you would hardly know the difference, and if I hadn’t let you into this little secret, you would be none the wiser. Feel free to copy the idea in any little corner of your garden that needs brightening up without the hassle of watering. Shh!

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