3/366: leading you up the garden path

Continuing on the path, these pavers are surrounded by smaller, creamy-coloured river pebbles. These bags weigh 10kgs each and cost $20.99 each,  available exclusively  from Bunnings. The distributor is Tuscan Path P/L  and I chose the smaller size  15-20mm to create a stronger contrast with the brick edging and the rectangular pavers.

The bricks are original leftover house bricks from when our house was constructed, and they have been used in previous garden edges in the front garden – recycling them once again. The pavers were used as our original patio way back in 1986. That’s the beauty of stone – it is almost everlasting. Of course, my initial plan to only recycle has been foiled with the purchase of the pebbles, but it will be worth the estimated $300 to complete the task. After all, I can see this garden from the bedroom, and it is nice to look out over it each morning as I open the curtains.


My garden is in a constant state of evolution; needs change, plants grow and we need to be re-evaluating often. I love the planning and implementation of new ideas, as it is such a satisfying form of creativity.


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