4/366: hooray for herbs

It’s really nice being able to pop out into the garden to obtain fresh herbs. I have had rosemary growing for some years out the back. You can dry it out and save it, but it flourishes so I tend to use it straight from the bush. Imagine a succulent leg of roast lamb embedded with fresh rosemary sprigs. On those rare occasions when we do have a roast, I mix up some garlic, oil and rosemary to brush onto the potatoes for extra flavour.

Mint is best grown in a pot, to avoid it taking over the whole garden, although I have to admit I have managed to kill a mint plant before today. Make your own pot of herbal tea by steeping it for a few minutes. The longer you leave it, the stronger the taste. Combine it with some lemon for a refreshing change.

Recently I made a mixed pot of herbs in an old round pipe, planting parsley, basil, oregano and chives. As well as being useful, it looks pretty as well. Just like I try to be!

6 thoughts on “4/366: hooray for herbs

  1. Love fresh herbs…try to use whenever possible. And love my new herb garden…the one that Chuck built…gotta love Chuck. Spring seems like an eternity…but, plan on planting many, I have alway had herb planters…here and at the trailer. And mint, yes it does take over. But Have it growing beside the garage…in different varieties and seems to be a good place it. Good post today Sandi

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