6/366: the tomato competition

My husband and I (no, it’s not The Queen speaking, although it is princessprattles!) enjoy a spot of healthy competition, and when I decided to plant some tomatoes, he decided he might buy his own special plant. Then suddenly it was a competition to see whose plant would bear first fruit. I won!!

Mine: A Floriana Hand-grafted Apollo Improved, citing “more tomatoes per plant:”

His: Beefsteak:

In all fairness, we have planted different varieties, and I deliberately bought a couple that will mature either early or late in the season. The others are a Grosse Lisse and two cherry tomato plants:

5 thoughts on “6/366: the tomato competition

  1. After reading Dutchy’s comment, I am not sure who the winner is exactly. Fun competition though.
    Sandi, you may be interested in this site. Heirloom tomatoes have become very popular… in our neck of the woods. Have you heard of these, or do you have them in Oz? I planted a couple of varieties this summer. Very tasty.

  2. your pictures looked delish. And nothing does not compare to fresh from your garden. Read the site… very nice to see heirlooms are global.

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