8/366: that’s just plum dandy

Years ago when we were growing up we had a favourite old plum tree, which my Dad said was a Satsuma plum. They are very large plums with an almost burgundy coloured flesh when very ripe. Mum used to make delicious plum jam and stewed plums, often served with custard or ice-cream.

At the family home we ended up with a couple of these plum trees, and my dear old dad transplanted one of them into our garden. Some years later another one just appeared near the original one. It took me a while to realise it was actually the same plum tree, as the leaves looked quite different on the younger tree. And now we have a third one, which this year has proven to be the same, as it has fruited for the first time. It’s getting to be a regular orchard out there.

The tradition continues, and every time I stew some plums I relive fond memories of both my dear departed parents.

4 thoughts on “8/366: that’s just plum dandy

  1. Sandi, your post today also brought back fond memories of years gone by. My beloved parents had a wonderful garden, and it was actually my Dad who was the gardener. Even had a small greenhouse. We took a lilac shoot from one of their trees, and from this shoot, I have lost count of how many trees we have managed to divide. We now have 3 that are flourishing at our home in the Valley. When they bloom and with their aroma in the Spring…I smile, and remember way back when. As always. Wonderful posts Sandi.

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