10/366: no four-leafed clovers

Another project, or fixation I have, is the nature strip. There may be another name for this in other countries, but I am referring to the strip of grass in front of the house on the other side of the footpath (pavement in England, sidewalk in USA). Australia and both those countries all purportedly speak English, and yet we have different names for the same thing, not to mentiion varied accents. I told you not to mention that!

Weeds on this patch of grass I do not like, and am attempting to eradicate. When we arrived here the nature strip was basically awful paspalum, which I managed to eventually get rid of, and we replaced it with kikuyu, which is extremely drought resistant, something we have to contend with every few years in our country, even down south in Melbourne.

A patch of clover sprung up, which I started weeding, but then after we did our ten-week around the world trip in August 2011, which is covered in my first blog travelswithprincessandquiquinou.wordpress.com. Unfortunately all my weeding was somewhat wasted as it took hold again. On our return I had many other pressing chores in the garden to attend to rather than weeding this strip of grass.

Now I’m back with a mission, and it’s amazing how people stop to have a chat, sometimes offering advice, such as “Have you tried Weed’n’Feed?” to which I reply “I’m trying to be environmentally conscious. Besides, it’s quite therapeutic sitting here listening to my music and letting my thoughts drift.” Others are amazed that in this day and age anyone would bother. However, one guy was inspired to tackle his paspalum after our talk.

I used to laugh at my mother when she went out to weed a patch of garden, and now here I am, doing the same thing. Isn’t it funny how it all comes full circle and we turn into our parents? And not only that, discover that it’s not actually such a bad thing.


2 thoughts on “10/366: no four-leafed clovers

  1. Sidewalks in Canada. In the cities… this piece of grass on the other side of the sidewalk is not actually owned by the home owner. But is owned by the city, or township. And, the homeowner is expected to keep it looking nice. Mowed, weed free, etc. What are the rules and regualation in OZ like concerning this. Now living in the country, we only have to contend with overgrown ditches. But the township does come, once in a blue moon to mow a strip. But the ditch part is something that needs work.

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