11/366: Kevin’s cuttings

Last week I was at a friend’s place after an enjoyable ride on my scooter. Her son Kevin has been taking cuttings of roses rather successfully. I was the honoured recipient of two of these. Fortunately I have plenty of storage under the seat on my scooter so was able to transport them home safely. I intend to plant them out into the garden when they are further established.

It’s inspired me to return to taking cuttings. There are a few plants I would like to strike. My large rosemary bush is getting a little straggly and large, so I pruned it recently. That would have been the perfect time to take some snips, but I lacked the motivation that day. Once I grew a Castewallen Gold conifer from a cutting and was very pleased with myself. Little did I know they grow really huge, but if you start early enough you can keep them contained with regular pruning.

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