13/366: fake it till you make it

I am not afraid to have a little artificial help. After all, I do the same for my body. I wear makeup to enhance my appearance; hair colour helps too. Push-up bras help fight age-related gravity so why not do something similar for my garden? However, I don’t suggest putting underwear on your plants, nor makeup.

Once again, there is a little corner that is in a sheltered position. How many corners can one have in a garden? It is next to the laundry steps leading down to the under cover washing line. There were a couple of ugly copper pipes from where the original hot water service stood, until we did an extension on the house. How could I cover that up?

Utilising some old plumbing pipes, I painted them and added some artificial tropical plants. Funnily enough, when we went on a cruise a couple of years ago I took a photo that reminded me of these very same plants. It was taken on a Princess cruise in the South Pacific in January, 2010. So perhaps this is art imitating life?


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