14/366: pruning the plum tree

Last Winter I had pruned the top of the plum trees, but due to our extended holiday, during Spring more branches appeared and were shooting skywards.

My plan is to lop the tops off to encourage lower growth and ease of fruit-picking. A facebook friend told me that her 82-year-old father was still climbing a ladder to pick fruit, with the assurance that her mother was holding the ladder. I do not wish that scenario for myself, so I am taking affirmative action now.

Possibly Summer is not the recommended time for undertaking such a task, but I like to strike while the iron’s hot. If I happen to be motivated, I do it, in case the momentum doesn’t last.

I have pruned the second-largest tree, but still have to attack the biggest one. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I have found that to keep going in a large garden one has to take it in stages. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So rather than getting overwhelmed by the big picture, I try and focus on one area at a time, and vary the chores to keep myself entertained.

Now I have discovered that we possibly have a fourth plum tree. Again, it is quite small so I might even pot it to give to someone who can replant it in their garden. Another generation of Satsuma plums may live on!

A good reward after the pruning was to enjoy a bowl of stewed plums with some yoghurt.

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