17/366: first cherry tomato

I was looking forward to picking the first cherry tomato of the season, and today was that day. Bite-size tomatoes can be great in a salad or even as a little snack – much better for you than lollies or chocolate.

There are two tomato plants in the same pot, and I noticed when I was weeding the pot there is a new baby one. You might notice there appears to be another pumpkin seedling. I used some of my composted soil which could explain that. Maybe I could plant it out?

Apologies for this slightly out of focus shot, but I can’t take another one, because as soon as I had taken the shot and looked at it on the camera, I ate it! So no repeat attempts at that particular photo. It was yummy by the way, sweet and juicy. Because the tomato is (was) tiny, I am inserting it as a thumbnail picture.

I look forward to a bumper crop of these mini delights.

2 thoughts on “17/366: first cherry tomato

  1. Like that you planted your Cherries in a container. Can they ever take over a garden. I know from experience, from years gone by. Last year I grew cherry tomatoes, the orange and yellow variety in hanging mache baskets off the upper deck. It was wonderful to pick from the baskets, and ate like candy. In salads were also yummy. I also serve these when we have guests as a munchie, with toothpicks… and coat with sea salt. Another one, is boozy cherries. piercing one end with a toothpick, adding a shot of vodka, and sea salt. That one goes over well. Enjoy your Cherries Sandi…

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