19/366: time stretches but we don’t

Spending time out in the garden can be extremely therapeutic, but sometimes you can become so involved in a project that you end up being outside for far too long. “I’ll just spend half an hour on this” turns into one hour or more.

Consequently you overdo it and end up exhausted. It can be a mini-case of RSI – repetitive strain injury. Perhaps we should set an alarm to make sure we don’t spend too long at the one thing? Preventing injuries can be as simple as moving around and changing tasks on a regular basis.

Especially if we have had prolonged exposure to a single job, we can end up coming inside and just collapsing. Then the next day we really feel it.

Whenever I partake in organised exercise, I regularly do my cool down stretches to help prevent muscle tightness the following day. Why do I then sometimes spend a lot of time in the garden, finish up, and then come inside for a cuppa, without stretching? How bizarre is that?


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