22/366: one man went to mow

Originally it took us three hours to mow our property. There was the nature strip, the front lawn, and that huge expanse of grass in the backyard.

Our very first major purchases for outdoor use consisted of the shed, the barbecue and the lawn mower. Almost 27 years later we still have both the shed and the mower, with that particular barbecue having long since gone to barbecue heaven.

I remember these three items in total cost approximately $1,000 in 1985, but we have certainly had our money’s worth. The mower is a Rover four-stroke mower with a Briggs and Stratton motor and is still going today. Admittedly, we have considerably down-sized the amount of mowing in the preceding years, between extending the house, adding a garage, various garden beds and concrete and paving.

Now it only takes TEN MINUTES to mow all our lawn, including the nature strip!


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