24/366: the very first vegie patch

Our first foray into growing vegetables took place in 1986, with a rectangular raised bed and tomatoes. It was situated way up in the back corner behind the shed, which used to be the place for locating the “vegie patch.” We were inexperienced so just assumed this was what one did.

Now I have decidedly different notions about where to plant vegetables. Why do they have to be up the back? They can be very attractive plants anyway, and if they are located a little closer to the house, it is more likely that they will be tended to and picked when ready. Also, rather than the obligatory rectangle, these days I prefer curves and softer shapes which are more aesthetically pleasing. I sometimes plant them amongst other plants in the garden, so it isn’t necessarily specifically zoned for vegetables. We have no demarcation disputes here, as it is an equal opportunity garden.

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