26/366: Aussie barbie

As we celebrate Australia Day I wonder if everyone knows why we do? It started out as a commemoration of the landing of the first fleet of eleven convict ships to Sydney Cove on January 26th 1788, captained by Arthur Phillip, first Governor of New South Wales. Nowadays, it tends to be a good day for family and friends, generally heralded by a barbecue since it is a Public Holiday.

One of the reasons to have a nice garden is to create a pleasing setting for entertaining friends, and ours is big enough to incorporate two barbecues. We have a portable gas barbecue under the pergola and then around the back in our other entertainment area there is a bluestone purpose-built barbecue that is attached to the mains gas, so you never have the problem of the gas bottle running out. In the vernacular, bewdy bonza! To translate, it roughly means great, mate!

And no, it is not a regular custom to “put another shrimp on the barbie.” Sausages, steaks and hamburgers are our traditional fare.

These days I have also noticed we sell a lot more Australian paraphernalia. Perhaps this indicates a greater degree of patriotism? As well we should. Happy Australia Day everyone.



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