29/366: never promised you a rose garden

Thank you, I have my own rose garden, although it needs a little more love and care than it has been getting. Along the border of the garden I have three white flower carpet roses, that produce many roses, but of course that means there is a lot of dead-heading to do. If you trim off the spent blooms before they form pods it means that more nourishment can go towards producing new flowers.

I own a couple of different types of secateurs, but none were really suitable for the job. The other day I was in Bunnings and they happened to have a pair of floral snips for half price, and they have been perfect for this task, requiring very little effort on my part.

For the first time in a very long time I have managed to deadhead the entire set of flower carpet roses. I might even treat them to some rose food. They’ll think it’s Christmas, though in fact it is late January.


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