30/366: elsa karga azalea

The Elsa Karga Azalea is a stunning dark Spanish red azalea with a medium double bloom on a small to medium bush. According to Don Burke, author of “The Lazy Gardener” and celebrity gardener on a now-defunct television show “Burke’s Backyard,” the Elsa Karga is one of the hardest azaleas to grow in Australia.

While mine has now passed into Azalea Heaven, in its heyday it was brilliant, and I was very proud of it, particularly after I had watched that episode and was told it was difficult to grow. I thought I must be a pretty good gardener, but in retrospect I think I was just lucky to have found the right spot for the right plant. That’s very often the secret to good gardening, as I have discovered over the years. Just choose something that thrives in the area you plant it and suddenly you are a “good gardener.”


2 thoughts on “30/366: elsa karga azalea

  1. Beautiful flower Sandi. And isn’t that the truth about planting, and watching something flourish, in the environment that is right for them.

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