33/366: make way for the new “highway”

Our first attempt at a garden in the front yard was edged with house bricks. The problem with these particular bricks was that they had holes in them. This meant that weeds and/or grass could grow through them, negating the very reason for having such edging. Obviously they must be cheaper to manufacture than their solid counterparts, but not as successful for this purpose.

In those days my husband helped a lot more in establishing the garden. I often had a vision and he provided the muscle power and labour to accomplish the task at hand. In this case I had ideas of revising the garden bed, with a more sweeping curve, increasing the garden size, and utilising the bricks on their edges to provide a more secure and solid edging. Since we still had a stock of house bricks left over, this provided us with enough extra material to complete the task, and give the garden a more professional finish.

At that stage we used to have a gorgeous ginger cat called Bartholomew, who liked to walk along this new edging, as though it were made just for him. Thus it gained its nickname “The Barth Path.”

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