34/366: greenstead magnificent

I am not boasting with this title, as this is the actual name of the plant about which I write. In 1998 we refurbished our front garden after building a garage, changing the plain concrete driveway and path to coloured pressed concrete.

We planted this beautiful little specimen, Greenstead Magnificent, which is a standard plant. The top is grafted on a sturdy base to create a weeping effect.

Little did we know how large it would grow. Fourteen years later I have to constantly prune it so that it doesn’t grow over the path. And it’s not something you can ruthlessly cut back because I would then be left with bare branches. Then because I prune it, it has encouraged higher growth, which is a little disappointing for the overall effect.

Sometimes I wish that you could freeze a plant in time at the size and shape that you liked best, but that is not to be. I still love the grey-green foliage it produces,  also providing some privacy for the front porch.

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