38/366: low stakes, high stakes

Not a game of poker, but another recycling issue. I wanted to stake up the rogue tomato plant growing in the herb garden (see day 21/366), so I manufactured my own arched support from two smaller arches.



Firstly I used pliers to remove the parts I didn’t want, and then I joined the two arches with a twist tie.



Since the twist tie was white, I disguised it with florist’s tape, which you stretch around to cover stems of flowers or in this case, the green coated wire.



Et voila! I feel a Spice Girls song coming on: two become one. Now try and get that tune out of your head. The stake, since it was fairly narrow, would not impinge on the roots, so it was nothing like driving a stake through its heart. Now let’s see if we reap any           tomatoes.


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