40/366: garden delays

Initially, our block was bare but for one tree. One of the things that held us back was the fact that we were told there would be work undertaken on our property due to the easement running down the west side of the house.

Having the 2.5 metre easement meant we would never be able to build anything on it. Because the land beyond our backyard was going to be developed, this entailed the barrel drains down that side be replaced with larger barrel drains set deeper, to cope with the extra houses.

Hence the delay in getting started. By the same token, we were establishing the inside first, with furniture, carpets and curtains, which we considered a priority. Once we met a couple who were setting up their own place, who had an immaculate garden, but when you went inside it was very spartan, with little or no furniture or floor coverings. They made a great first impression but a lousy second one!


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