43/366: remarkable regeneration

It never ceases to amaze me how plants can regenerate themselves. Take for example, the conifer that we have had in the front garden for many years. Fortunately it was a very slow-growing one, unlike the Castewallen Gold conifers that we planted willy-nilly around the place and have since removed due to their excessive size.

But because this conifer had been next to the huge conifer, it meant that one side of it was obscured from getting any sun. Consequently, when the big one came down, we were left with virtually half a conifer.

I managed to devise a way to disguise it with some brush fencing, as looking at dead branches is no fun. Once it had been exposed to some regular sunshine I could see the emergence of new green shoots, so I cut back the dead wood to promote further growth. Now it is filling out nicely, and one day all sides of this conifer should look lush and healthy.


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