45/366: hearts for valentine’s day

In the front garden, one of the English box plants was getting too large for its situation under the Japanese maple, so I cut out the centre of it, rather than getting rid of the entire plant. I love recycling and reusing wherever possible. Because it was so big, part of it had generated new roots, so I managed to create two plants out of it.

One part sat right next to the footpath, so I decided to do a little hedging. Inspired by Valentine’s Day, its shape lent itself to form a heart, and with a few appropriate snips, I created this loving result.


3 thoughts on “45/366: hearts for valentine’s day

    • Thanks for that, and I appreciate you following my blog so conscientiously. It’s fun doing two blogs at the same. Did you get the title of the other one? princesswonderlandinalice.wordpress.com is a variation on Alice in Wonderland (by Lewis Carroll).

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