54/366: lovely lilies

When someone gave me some bulbs about five years ago I wasn’t sure what they were, but they grew et voila, they were lilies. I am not sure what type they are, but thank goodness they are not of the smelly variety. I’ve tried to do some internet research and I believe the ones that stink and give me a headache could be the Stargazer variety. Grateful for the lack of odour of these white lilies, I can enjoy them close up. The name doesn’t really matter, but if anyone can suggest it to me, please add a comment, as I do like to know the names of plants in my garden.

One of the things I love about bulbs is they look after themselves to a large degree. It’s always interesting how the leaves sprout, and look pretty, before they die down and the flowers come. Then there is a spectacular mass of white flowers to appreciate, and the beauty of it is that they keep multiplying.


One thought on “54/366: lovely lilies

  1. http://www.ruralgardens.ca/index.html
    Hi Sandi, click on this link. This is a garden map that my garden group uses. Been to many gardens on this map.
    Under garden listings, check out #6, Earth Bound, they specialize in Lillies, I am sure you will find your answer if you contact them.
    Also check out #22, My Heart is in it. This garden is amazing…having seen your garden in bits and pieces through your blog…what you have accomplished is also amazing. Your gardens somewhat, remind me of this one. Although this is on a larger scale. This couple also, put in 2 4 7′ in their garden. Hence their name…my heart is in it.
    We have zones in Ontario for growing….Lilies, and Hostas are in their glory for our rocky terrain.
    With the exeption of the Rose, Lillies…all varieties are my favorite.
    Hope this helps.

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