60/366: where has all the coriander gone?

My coriander quest (from day 31 /366) has failed big-time. I had been warned that during summer the coriander seedlings might bolt to seed, but they just totally disappeared.

And what about the tomato plants I was so excited about? This appears to have been the worst season for tomatoes that I have ever known. Mind you, my experience there is limited.Aha! Perhaps the coriander seedlings ran away with the tomato flowers and they have eloped. I wonder if they have created a new breed – perhaps a corimato, which would be a fleshy red tomato with a coriander flavour, which could be very nice in a salad?

Now I have a theory about the tomatoes. Because some pumpkin seeds must have been in the compost that I used for part of the potting up of the tomatoes, all the tomato pots ended up sprouting pumpkin seedlings, so perhaps this took away some of the nourishment required for the tomatoes? Not enough sun? Too much water? Too little water? Who knows? The only thing that keeps me going is that I won the tomato competition (day 6/366), and my husband’s tomato still hasn’t fruited!


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