68/366: twenty-seven years ago

Exactly twenty-seven years ago this weekend we moved into our new house into a leafy street in an outlying suburb of Melbourne. We have seen a lot of changes over this time. No longer are we as far away from the city as we used to be, with Eastlink and the Eastern Freeway helping us get there faster, but with the urban sprawl we are no longer considered “way out in Croydon”.

But with progress there is a price to pay. Our quiet little street is not so peaceful, and some of the extremely large blocks have been divided up to add two other residences. Imagine what that does to the traffic in the area, if in each house or unit there are two drivers with two cars? Not only that, but little children have grown up into teenagers with cars and licences too, also increasing the traffic flow, so much so that they have put speed humps along the road.

Still, with all the love and labour we have put into this place, I don’t see us moving any time soon. I wonder if that would change when I publish my best-seller and make a mint? Only time will tell. Until then, at least I do have a mint bush growing in the garden.


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