70/366: my next project

A friend has just given me a wooden bridge for my garden which will be my next project, or one of a number I should say. I never seem to have only one on the go at any one time, but it means I can vary what I am doing as the mood takes me.

Sometimes the weather dictates what task I can accomplish on any given day, and if there are plenty to choose from there is no excuse. However, I do try to complete everything, though occasionally it may take years. That birdbath I was planning to mosaic springs to mind. However, I complete most of the things I set my mind to, which I learned from an old acquaintance of ours, who started heaps of new things but NEVER finished anything.

I have plenty of visions for my new bridge, which requires a little work before being placed in its new home in the garden.


2 thoughts on “70/366: my next project

  1. Sandi, your post brought a smile, and thought….remembering my crafty gals….one, in particular.
    She, has such an array of projects. We were visiting one day, she has a craft room to die for. But this galpal, doesn’t seem to finish projects, another friend piped up…you have Start I Tis.
    Talk about howling. laughing was the understatement.
    But your garden is a work in progress….and what a progress it is to me…

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