83/366: don’t chase the birds away

It’s always lovely to see some birds in the garden. Since we have two adorable cats, birdlife here is not as prevalent as we would like, so when we do see some, it’s very pleasant. Sometimes there are even beautiful rosellas up in the trees.

If the cats injure a bird, we are very unhappy with them. However, mice are a different story, and we praise them for being good mousers. I wonder, since the hunting gene is innate, whether they get confused with our mixed messages?


2 thoughts on “83/366: don’t chase the birds away

  1. Sadly, my one cat used to have a knack for catching humming birds, even when I belled her. I was amazed when I was watching her out a window one time and just happened to see how she did it. She’d sit perfectly still by some flower or ground cover they adored and waited till the little bird was right in front of her then simply reached out and bit it. It was lightening fast and nothing I could do about it but just amazed me that she could do it. Fortunately for the birds, Sophie passed away 15 years ago.

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