98/366: protecting the maple

Autumn is here, apart from this unseasonal lovely warm weather, so I am expecting the hues of the trees to change in the next month or so.

Back in 2009 when we planted the third weeping Japanese maple (Inaba Shidare), in what used to be the lawn, the Castewallen Gold was not a threat. Later, I had visions of its lush growth impinging on the maple, which, at $150 for the specimen, was too precious.

Removal of the very large conifer, in November 2010, cost a lot more than the price of the tree, but gave us more space in the front garden. Later I created a nice little corner that I can view from our bedroom at the front of the house.

The Castewallen Gold dominated the Morgan dwarf conifer near the letterbox, but once it was removed, suddenly the twenty-odd-year-old conifer looked large. Size is relative.

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