100/366: lost in the garden

Wearing multifocal glasses out in the garden can be a trap, as my distance eyesight is fine, but for detailed work such as pruning, etc., I need them. But sometimes I tuck them into my bra or put them on top of my head.

Unfortunately, in amongst many projects, they disappeared. I searched everywhere.

I had accomplished many tasks, but couldn’t remember exactly when I last saw them. Retracing my steps, to no avail, I finally gave up and hoped they would turn up the next day.

And thank God, they did! One thing I had forgotten I had done; moving this pot. Leaning over, they fell in the pot, unbeknownst to me, because I still had my mp3 player tucked into my clothes. Having transition lenses, they look like sunglasses, and were cleverly camouflaged. Looks like I’ll have to buy one of those ridiculous chains to hang my glasses around my neck, in order to prevent a recurrence of this stress!

Thank you for visiting my blog, as Project 365 reaches 100 days. My theme for this year is 366 days and 26 years in my garden. I hope you’re enjoying reading it as much as I am loving the creative outlet. My reward is that it has also inspired me to work harder outside!


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