106/366: makeover magic

Having been so busy in the garden with multiple projects since starting this daily blog, I have neglected some areas requiring maintenance. As I eat my breakfast, I see the patio. Why not give this area a revamp since I look out at it every day?

The old adage of a stitch in time saves nine can be true in the garden also. I had to tackle a number of problems before I could work my makeover magic.

The Black-eyed Susan needed cutting back, as it was entwining itself around anything and everything. Unfortunately, I had been untangling it and carefully trimming extraneous vines when oops, I mistakenly cut the wrong one and ended up losing the whole lot. Oh well, it may grow again.If not, at least I still have photos of it!

Meanwhile, the asparagus fern had been having a party of its own, wrapping itself around branches, as well as the string of LED lights that I had placed on the bush some months ago.

Once all that was cut back and detangled, I utilised my earlier vision to create an arched effect. Adding a few pots, I actually spent no money on the whole job, because I recycled and relocated things we already had. Another achievement!

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