108/366: a can of black spray paint

It’s amazing what a coat or two of black spray paint can do to lift something from ordinary to special, or at least newer-looking.

Taking advantage of the sunny day, with no rain forecast, I placed drop sheets on the lawn and gathered some items to beautify.

Some only required one coat, but the very large pot will need a second coat.

I had an idea to invent a new type of spray paint one time when my finger was getting sore from pressing down on the button, but then I went to Bunnings and found that you could already buy these special cans with both a button and a trigger. They are more expensive but much more pleasant to use. Another of my inventions wasted!

If you would like to see photos of the finished products back in their homes, click this link for the updates: 110/366:after-effects of spray painting


6 thoughts on “108/366: a can of black spray paint

    • I think you can go into your wordpress account, then perhaps register another blog and make that your primary one. Maybe you could do one on scrapbooking and then randomly post some pages you are happy with? Good luck.

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