112/366: nice nerines

My nerines are flowering. One of the things I love about bulbs is that they almost appear out of nowhere, and can be an unexpected delight.

I recently found an old magazine article about nerines, which originated from South Africa, and learned some interesting facts. You may already know that when they flower there is no foliage. They can be placed in light shade or sun, but make sure the soil is well-drained. Apparently in very rich soil flowering can be delayed because they concentrate on building themselves up into a clump before displaying blooms.

After flowering is when the foliage appears. I just learnt that it is advisable to keep them dry during their summer dormancy, to prevent rain breaking their little hibernation period, thus spoiling the sequence and having no autumn flowers. One way to prevent this occurrence is to plant them in pots so they can be readily moved to sheltered position for their summer sleep.

There are thirty species of nerines, but I only have these pink ones, which make a lovely display of colour in early autumn.


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