113/366: kaffir lime

In 2008 we went to Thailand. In Patong, at Pum’s Cooking School, my husband and I learned how to make some delicious Thai dishes.  Used in Thai Green Chicken Curry (gaeng kheo wan gai), kaffir lime leaves impart a lovely flavour, along with coconut milk and green curry paste.

A year or so later we bought a tree so that we would have these leaves ready to go at a moment’s notice. There are now a number of limes on the tree too, which I haven’t utilised yet. Apparently, though not particularly juicy, the limes are useful for recipes requiring grated lime rind. In the meantime, it is an attractive tree.

Next time I go grocery shopping I think chicken thigh fillets are on the list, as I have suddenly developed a hankering for the dish.


4 thoughts on “113/366: kaffir lime

  1. All around this globe of ours…Foodies are everywhere. It is unfortunate with our climate we couldn’t have this growing in our back yards.
    Enjoyed this post. And the dish looks, Delish!

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