116/366: castewallen crisis

The beautiful row of Castewallen Gold conifers between the bottom and middle tiers of the back yard finally reached such unwieldy proportions that we had to call in Toplop to remove them.

Who would have believed that those little plants could grow that large? See day 61/366: wish they could stay that size. They were also featured in the foreground of day 111/366: it’s a frameup.

From the middle tier, the shed and rose arbour can be seen to be miniature-sized in relation to the huge conifers.

The bases needed to be cleared to provide a working area.

Going up the trunk, it looks like he is abseiling. He is in fact, working.

He almost disappeared into the heavens.

Light began to shine through the spaces created.

One lonely conifer on the eastern side of the block gets ready to meet its doom.

At the end of these proceedings, my cat Shadow looked around, bewildered.


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