117/366: a blank canvas

With the demise of the six Castewallen Gold conifers between the middle and lower tier of the back garden, another blank canvas presented itself.

We had left the stumps in place, due to the extreme cost of getting them removed. I decided pots and ornaments could rest on these bases, and eventually the garden would grow and disguise them anyway.

The privacy that had been created between the tiers was gone, but that was a small trade-off to gain some good garden potential and a lot more light.

A couple of purchases of a golden diosma and a greenstead magnificent (whose fated story takes place on day 92/366: greenstead not so magnificent), some small english box plants, a few other plants plus some cuttings, filled the garden fairly quickly.

6 thoughts on “117/366: a blank canvas

  1. Just a suggestion… how about inserting a link when you refer to other blog posts (like 92/366 above, highlight the text and click on the link button – looks like a chain – or simply press Alt+Shift+A)

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