118/366: time travel

Posting a blog about my garden every day for the Project 365 WordPress Challenge is a little like time travel. I have always loved this genre in novels and movies, and suddenly I find myself skipping back and forward through the years in my garden.

I may not have a flux capacitor in a Delorean, but I do have photographs and memories. Why did I suddenly just think of Jim Croce? (great song by the way).

Of course, while looking at photos of projects before and after, the amount of time, effort, expense and labour is not always evident, except to the people actually involved. As well as my personal satisfaction in creating this blog, if I can help inspire someone with an idea, or make someone smile, then I have succeeded in my goals. Happy reading and gardening!


4 thoughts on “118/366: time travel

  1. Lovely post Sandi. As I am writing this from Beautiful St. Maarten, and thinking about the glorious flowers on this island, that you would love….and the language also. French side, you know….

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