122/366: bamboozled

After using a dismantled old bar to decorate the corner of the front garden, (day 93/366: bamboo bonanza), there were a couple of pieces of bamboo left, which I was sure could be used for something else. Waste not, want not!

A large downpipe on the patio was just the right size for the larger half-stick of bamboo. Perhaps we could slip the bamboo under the clip? No, it didn’t fit.

It was then that my husband, all credit to him on this occasion, did some lateral thinking, using cable ties and a hook to wrap around behind the bamboo and around the pipe, held in place by a hook. Clever fellow!

There was also an unsightly expansion joint, between the original house and the garage, which I figured we could cover if we sawed the other piece in half.

Using our groovy new Dual Saw, he gave me a lesson in its use, but I felt like he treated me as though I were incompetent and I hate that feeling. However, Eleanor Roosevelt once said that nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent, so it was my own fear of inadequacy at fault. That over with, we continued the job, ending up with  a good finish.


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