132/366: blog awards

Please excuse my ignorance, those people who have nominated me for awards. Because I am a relatively new blogger, when it said I was nominated, I was waiting to see who won! Since I heard nothing, I assumed that I hadn’t.

Now, having been nominated again, this time for a Lovely Blogger Award, by Amy@afternoonpopcornsnack, I realise that I was supposed to take action.

Duh! Sorry about that. So, are these awards a little like a chain letter? You nominate various people, recommend blogs, encouraging others to visit all the sites. And on it goes. However, I guess if it develops more traffic to our blogs, and potentially more readers, why not? After all, we don’t write only for ourselves, or else we would just keep a journal, or do scrapbooking.

Thank you to frenchfry36 for information on adding the image of the blog award to this post.

The other nominations were from intergenerational, for a Versatile Blogger Award, but I think that one was for my scootinsandi blog. I think beingjulz also did. Apologies again for being so slow catching on! Perhaps I was having a blonde moment?

May I be cheeky and combine my tasks into one? Here then are my nominations:

1.  aussiesinfrance

2.  photobotos.com

3.  adetailedhouse

4.  sarahtakespictures.com

5.  steeshes.wordpress.com

6.  littlegreybox.wordpress.com

7.  notquiteold.wordpress.com

Please excuse me if I do 7-7; that’s seven blogs to look at and seven things about me. Haven’t you heard – rules were made to be broken? Most people don’t have time to check out fifteen blogs so I’m making an executive decision to decrease it to the 7-7 rule (refer above). Now, about me:

1. I am having trouble ageing gracefully

2. I am now addicted to blogging

3. I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

4. I love speaking French, and would love to be fluent

5. I would love to own a place in France

6. I am writing a novel

7. I appear to love starting sentences with “I” – perhaps because I’m Sandi with an “i”?

Thank you for coming to visit princessprattles; hope you come back again!!


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