138/366: mulching moments

After pruning some overgrown trees and bushes, we started mulching them a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, we found that fresh branches do not mulch as well as dried ones, so today was the day to continue the task.

My husband is on holidays, so it’s good to have his help. Before we started though, he noticed that the sliding door to the back yard was sticking, so suddenly it was off its tracks to be adjusted. Then of course I decided that was a perfect opportunity to clean the glass inside and out. The sun was shining, which encouraged me. The door sits surrounded by two other colonial windows, so it wasn’t a quick and easy task, but once started you have to finish it – dusty, dirty windows no more.

At least he continued mulching and doing a little weeding while I finished the windows. There’s still a pile of branches to attend to, but they can wait until next time.

4 thoughts on “138/366: mulching moments

  1. Do you have a honey do list for Dutchy? Sounds like it. In Canada “eh” we have honey do lists for our honeys…lol. Hope you get some time to enjoy his time off. Another good post Sandi. And thinking, we have to order mulch in….and you have it at your finger tip, at the press of a button.
    Actually, that is on my list to order tomorrow. Mulch.

    • There is ALWAYS a list for husbands on holidays, much to their disgust! It’s good to get some of those extra chores done with their help.
      By the way, using the mulcher is not as simple as it sounds, as it can be very frustrating when branches get stuck.

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