146/366: our first tree

On this day, way back in 1985, we planted our first tree on our almost one third of an acre property. Our house was a shell on a paddock in those days, and I love looking at the old photos to see how much progress we have made. As I have mentioned before, a garden is in a continual state of evolution.

An Evergreen Alder, alnus-jorullensis, took pride of place at the corner of the front yard and concrete driveway for twelve years. What happened to it after that? Stay tuned for another exciting instalment of 366 days and 26 years in my garden!

By September 1990, the tree had grown so big that it was in danger of interfering with the power lines, something we had never even considered when planting it. Thinking about how large and wide a plant will grow when choosing its position in the garden is a lesson well-learned.

The change to its shape gave it quite a different, although still attractive, look.


4 thoughts on “146/366: our first tree

  1. I really like this post, because it reminded me of our first tree we planted….as this is our 4th house is 39 years, i remember each first tree planted.

  2. we just bought a house too, and our garden and trees are growing, I had no idea how expensive it is to design and re do the outside landscaping.

    • Congratulations on buying a house; it’s an exciting time. If there is one piece of advice I can offer, it is to research how big a plant will grow in your area before planting it. Our Castewallen Gold conifers were a good example of not realising how huge they would get!

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