150/366: a grand garage

We waited until we were able to afford exactly the garage we wanted. Perhaps in earlier years we could have built a carport, or even a single garage, but we did without until early April 1997, finally settling on a design that jutted out past the front of the house.

This allowed us to increase the area of the garage, with a double garage at the front, and almost a single garage-sized workshop and storage centre at the rear of the main garage next to the house.

Because we had waited so long for this garage, I insisted that we need to have a lovely arched window in the side, as it would be visible from the loungeroom. Not wanting to be outdone, my husband insisted on brick infill. What on earth was that? I discovered that he was talking about what would be above the garage door. Some cheaper garages have a timber infill. Classy ones like ours required a huge steel lintel above the door to hold up the bricks he desired. Who was I to argue? So I got my window, he got his brick infill, and we were both happy.

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