181/366: what a lovely surprise

A few months ago I wrote about a planter pot that I thought was finished, as the leaves looked sad and wilted.

Meanwhile, I moved the pot from behind the post closer to my herbs, which I do occasionally water, unlike many other areas of my garden.

So what  a pleasant surprise I received when they rewarded me with some flowers!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they are polyanthus.

180/366: looking thru a vase

I took a vase out of the dishwasher and was on my way out to the garage to put it under the sink where it belongs. On the way I caught a glimpse of an ornament on the table through the vase. It created a lovely soft-focus edge, which inspired today’s blog.

I liked the effect so much that I thought I would take a series of snaps…

…and I bet you thought vases only had one use!

179/366: beautiful blue babiana

I had no suggestions the other day to my query about the beautiful blue flowers, but the mystery is solved.

Waking up in the middle of the night, it suddenly jumped into my head. Babiana!

Unfortunately, I seem to only have the one photo of these now-departed flowers. They are  on my list for next year. Since they were so pretty I don’t see a problem in repeating this photo.

I looked it up in an actual book, rather than surfing the net, although that is often my usual port-of-call. One of my favourite retorts to questions that I know not the answer is “google it”.

According to Stirling Macoboy, in What Flower Is That? 1969, the Baboon Flower, Babiana stricta is also known as Iridaceae. Apparently in its native Africa, baboons dig and eat the bulbs. There are shades of blue and violet. Similar to freesias, the leaves are pleated and hairy. Planted in autumn, they need plenty of water in winter and at flowering time.

Remember, I am no expert, and am happy to be corrected if anything I say is wrong.

178/366: is it too late to save them?

My poor blueberry plants that I planted with such hope just over a month ago are looking decidedly sad.

I remember reading about them getting wet feet and then rotting. By the look of the yellowing leaves, I am afraid that this might in fact be the problem.

In order to avoid excessive moisture, I have placed a couple of grocery plastic bags around the base, but I hope that doesn’t create a greenhouse humid effect.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Is it too late to save them?

177/366: another cat pot plant


                                                                                              Shadow has gone potty again.

Potty as in liking to sit in pots, even a little crazy maybe, but not potty as in toilet, in case you were wondering.

I am always fascinated how cats love to climb into pots and boxes. Perhaps it makes them feel safe and secure? Although my cats would not have to worry too much about that, as they lead a life of luxury here. If I believed in reincarnation I wouldn’t mind coming back as a cat in this family. On the other hand, if I were the cat, then I couldn’t be me as a human at the same time, could I? Je m’embrouille! That’s French for I’m confused!

176/366: shed and bed

When we first bought the garden shed, we placed it way back in the far corner of the yard. Later we realised it would be more practical to have it in an accessible position, and also on a concrete base.

Thus we prepared a spot beyond the conifers which divided the bottom and middle tiers.

You may notice those lovely Castewallen Gold conifers which ended up being removed. This was their optimum size, back in the early 90’s, but unfortunately we couldn’t freeze their growth.

The shed was duly moved onto its new bed of concrete, and then we planted some variegated pittosporum and a couple of groundcovers in the rather neglected garden bed next to it.

175/366: shadow plays table tennis

In days gone by, we used to play table tennis out on the patio. There were special house rules though. If the cats climbed onto the table while a game was in progress, the game continued, and if they got in the way, bad luck for your point. Shadow loved participating. We had some hilarious family times doing this, and I captured some of the moments for posterity.

174/366: beautiful blue

Looking through some old photos, I came across these beautiful blue flowers.

It’s right on the tip of my tongue… No, I just can’t quite grasp it. And where did they go anyway? I haven’t seen them for years! Please can someone refresh my memory?

I finally bought some Gingko Biloba again. It’s supposed to be good for your memory, but you have to remember to buy it, and not only that, but take it every day. Perhaps I’ll put the bottle on the kitchen bench for tomorrow!

173/366: the upper bluestone bed

Back in the 90’s, prior to the construction of the bluestone-edged steps, we had planted out the upper bluestone bed. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and in our garden this is very much the rule. In this case the whole procedure took months to complete, tackling one segment at a time.

Later, with the addition of some beautiful, bright marigolds, this section of the garden was complete. On any list of things to do, as soon as one thing is completed, another item or two suddenly appears on the bottom of said list. Ironic, isn’t it?