153/366: winter warmer

On a Winter’s day, there is nothing like a hot, tasty snack, but it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Utilising some silverbeet from my garden, I made up an easy recipe. I love the sense of achievement and satisfaction using your own produce provides.

sandi’s simple silverbeet snack

On a wholegrain wrap, place shredded silverbeet.

You could put some cream cheese underneath, if desired. Then sprinkle with low-fat grated tasty cheese.

Get your grilling machine ready. We affectionately call ours “George”.

Place wraps, folded side down, on baking paper in your machine.

Fold the paper over the top to prevent sticking.

Cook, and they come out browned, crispy, with delicious melted cheese oozing out, but be careful not to burn your mouth.

Plate up with sweet chilli sauce or mayonnaise; both are tasty. Bon appetit!

4 thoughts on “153/366: winter warmer

  1. Show off! Our Silverbeet doesn’t look that healthy. You are a real green thumb! The wraps sound yummy. I’ll show Murray so he can make them for me! LOL!!

    • That particular silverbeet was one that self-seeded from the batch I planted, so it was a bonus. My thumb is certainly a lot greener than when I first started my garden all those years ago.

  2. Looking at your pic I thought it looked familar. Never heard of silver beet before. Chard yes.
    Oh, the wonders of internet surfing….
    Good post Sandi. The wraps look delish.

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