156/366: christening the garage

Once the new driveway was finished in 1997, all we had to do was wait for it to set. Then we had a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the garage.

It coincided with our older daughter’s tenth birthday, so we christened the garage with a child’s birthday party. Lots of advantages there: no kids in the house, the garage was empty (short-lived of course), and it wouldn’t have mattered if it rained.

The finishing touch was a new letterbox.

6 thoughts on “156/366: christening the garage

  1. That brings back a lot of memories. I remember the party very well and the lack of anything in the garage, including cars. Keep up the great work darling.

    • Read between the lines people. This is a very subtle way of saying there is too much stuff in there now! I’m working on decluttering and deaccumulating; not an easy task for a self-confessed hoarder. Thank you for the positive note at the end.

  2. Ha haaaaaa, you did see our garage. Daryl the H, if there ever was one…liking this Post, very much

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