159/366: pay the professionals

Although I am a firm believer in the DIY stakes (Do It Yourself for the uninitiated), there are times when it is a sage choice to employ the professionals.

Take for example, the laundry or “dead” side of the house. For years it was sadly neglected, and seemed an insurmountable task to organise. We had our washing line out the back before the extension, and then on the patio after that.

One day we bit the bullet. Friends had recently had their landscaping professionally done, so we joined them in hiring the services of David from Dimension Landscaping.

Isn’t it funny though, that I cannot seem to find a single Before photo of the area. I think I was so embarrassed about it being a jungle that I couldn’t bring myself to capture it on film.

The results speak for themselves. Where did the pavers come from? Find out tomorrow.

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