168/366: rock on

As I headed down my leafy suburban street for my daily constitutional, I spied a sign attached to a tree on the nature strip. “Volcanic rocks, free, enquire within.”

You can guess what happened next. Loving rocks and stone in the garden, I was very happy to ask if I could take the lot. That was the end of my walk for today.

Some may just call it a lucky coincidence, as I had been wanting more rocks for the garden. Proponents of The Secret may suggest that I put it out there in the universe, and it was duly answered.

Whatever the case, I returned home for my wheelbarrow, and loaded up five of the rocks.

It was quite heavy-going, so I was pleased that my neighbour Len had offered to bring the rest up in his trailer. My husband helped us unload the trailer, and then accompanied Len to get the second load. I’m glad I didn’t have to attempt all that by myself.

Now more projects are swirling around in my head, contemplating a number of options.


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