171/366: giant river pebbles

Yes, yes, I know that giant river pebbles are actually river stones or river rocks, but somehow this title struck a chord with me. If you are familiar with my blog/s, you may have noticed that I seem to enjoy creating the titles of each post.

Many years ago when I was deciding on a career to follow, one of my ideas was to go into advertising. That never happened, but over the years in other areas I have designed logos and mottos anyway, but now I get to make some cutesy and hopefully sometimes clever titles every day, thanks to blogging.

Back to the story of the giant river pebbles. The other day I was fortunate enough to get a pile of rocks. From the same neighbours, because they had sold the rear land behind their house, I was able to dig out a whole lot of these stones that otherwise would have been bulldozed away. Recycling, way to go!

I reversed up the drive, and loaded them straight into the boot of my little hatchback on some tarp. Again, more ideas for other corners of the garden abound. Stay tuned!

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